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Fully Guided Archery for Whitetails

Fully-Guided Archery for White-tails

This kind of hunt is designed to give the hunter the knowledge and tools to take game successfully in just about any situation. I spend one-on-one time through out the hunt to give intimate knowledge of white-tail hunting in the Northwoods.

Most of our hunting is done on private land. In this hunt I go over everything from land choice, map reading, gear set-up, stand placement, as well as wind and scent. I want people to be confident in their abilities and their understanding of white-tailed deer. This hunt is more designed to teach than to kill. Being successful in the woods is a by-product of proper set-up. This type of hunt is individually tailored to the hunter’s needs and requests. I have a 100% success rate with this hunt due to the one-on-one dedication of this hunt.

Pricing varies due to individual requests. A 50% deposit is required.


Semi-Guided Archery for White-tails

This hunt is similar to the fully-guided hunt and is what most guides usually call a fully-guided hunt. All the hunter needs to do is show up and hunt, everything else is handled by the guide. The guide has the same amount of time invested in this hunt to make it successful. There still is a lot of one on one time with the guide. The only difference is that the guide doesn’t hunt with you. Every hunter is guaranteed 2 stands in different locations to ensure hunt quality. All stands are designed to kill trophy white-tail unless requested differently. Please understand that trophy hunting in the Northwoods is different than wanting to take a meat animal. The locations and set up for anything other than trophy white-tail are vastly different because we practice QDM. Pricing varies due to hunter requests. Because of the time dedicated to each hunter, only a small number of hunters are taken on to ensure hunting success.

A 50% deposit is required.

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